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Smile Makeovers in Chattanooga, TN

Smile Makeovers: Restore Your Confidence

It’s About More Than Your Teeth

woman showing off her smile makeoverFeeling confident about the way your teeth look can impact everything from your career to your private life. Repeated studies show that people with beautiful smiles are more likely to be outgoing, have more friends, and even get bigger job promotions. You’ll want to smile more than ever, and we know what a great impression that can make!

Investing in a smile makeover is an investment in your own future. Whether you plan to get married in a few months or just want to feel comfortable in photos with friends, beautiful teeth do more than just put a smile back on your face. They’re a part of sharing your happiness and personality with other people.

We’ve Seen it For Ourselves

Our Chattanooga dental team has seen just how much smile makeovers can transform a person. We’ve worked with everyone from self-conscious teens to domestic abuse victims.

Restoring the health and function of your bite, along with enhancing its physical characteristics can almost completely transform an individual’s personality. Even something as simple as adjusting the contour of your gumlines can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your teeth.

Planning for Treatment

After reviewing what expectations and goals you have from your cosmetic treatment, we’ll create a customized care plan that outlines everything necessary. From the number of appointments to the dollars spent, everything is disclosed up front. If other options are available, we will be happy to review them so that you can make an educated choice about which step to take next.

Paying for Your Elective Cosmetic Treatment

middle age coupe smiling to show off their smile makeoversSome types of “cosmetic” treatments serve a functional purpose. Porcelain crowns or composite tooth fillings may be needed to repair fractures and decay. They are also usually covered under your insurance policy. Elective procedures like teeth whitening or veneers are not.

In addition to filing insurance claims on your behalf, we also offer CareCredit financing. The lender offers 0% and low-interest payment plans that fit into just about any monthly budget. That way you can get started on your smile makeover immediately and reap the rewards.

If you’ve been considering getting veneers, whitening, or even dental implants, let us know. We’ll be happy to show you what your smile could look like before you ever book the first treatment. Call us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation!